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What is Warlord Protocol?

Warlord Protocol is a competitive asymmetrical deck-building game where you take on the persona of a warlord from one of six factions. Each warlord features a unique ability that will influence your tactical approach. And each faction brings a unique theme and playstyle to the table, providing you with a fresh experience every time you play. As a warlord, you will recruit an army with the goal of acquiring the most victory points by the end of the game. To do so, you will need to defeat monstrous bioweapons, claim valuable territories, and fend off your opponents. Ultimately, learning to understand the various interactions between the cards in this game will be the key to your success.

Warlord Protocol takes place on the distant planet of Nevir, a world with a once-thriving civilization that was led into ruin by hatred and short-sighted dictators. When the great war broke out, the world’s powers consolidated into the factions that we know today. Their advanced technology tore holes in reality, leading to the discovery of the Void. And one arrogant faction created the monstrous war beasts known as bioweapons, falsely believing they could harness their awesome power. But a new generation of leaders is ready to inherit the fate of this world. What will you do with the power of an entire nation at your side? Will you invigorate the flames of war? Or will you seek a less confrontational approach? The choice is yours.


Play Time:


  2 - 6

  45+ min (about 15 min per player)


The Factions of Warlord Protocol

Become a Warlord and lead your faction to victory in this asymmetrical sci-fi/fantasy deckbuilding game! Recruit an army of infantry and command them in combat against your opponents! Construct towering fortifications to defend yourself and rid Nevir of monstrous bioweapons to claim valuable territories! With 6 factions and 135 unique cards to discover, each game of Warlord Protocol is sure to feel unique. Do you have what it takes to come out ahead?


Humans are a diverse group that became the dominant species on Nevir thanks in part to their physical prowess and sophisticated brains. Driven by their insatiable curiosity and intense desire for self-actualization, humans developed a wide array of complex cultures as well as various forms of art, language, philosophy, religion, science, and technology. But no matter how far they advanced, they were constantly at odds with themselves and the novans they shared the planet with. And, unfortunately, many of humanity's accomplishments have been buried under mountains of rubble as a result of the collapse that was brought about by the first great war.


Novans first appeared on Nevir several millennia ago and are virtually indistinguishable from humans. However, novans are born with a mutation that enables them to manipulate the reality that surrounds them. The specific environmental circumstances that caused this particular mutation are still unknown. Like humans, novans are a diverse group and are fueled by their insatiable curiosity. Many novans are drawn to studying various scientific fields as a means to help them understand and control their powers. And for the better part of humanity's history, novans have endured persecution at the hands of humans that came to fear them for their innate abilities.


The voidborn are humanity's newest addition, having only appeared on Nevir within the last few generations. When a human or novan is lost to the Void, a voidborn will often materialize on the planet's surface. This voidborn will always resemble the individual that was lost but they will have blue skin, bright colorful eyes, monochrome hair, and no memories of who they once were. They also possess the unique and innate ability to manipulate void energy in its raw form, bending it to their will much in the same way that a novan can manipulate reality. But other than that, they act and behave like any other member of humanity. The nature of their transformation is fervently debated.



"Nova Genesis created the terrible titans of war during the initial years of the conflict we find ourselves in today. They were designed to exhaust their enemies' resources and push them to the brink of destruction. But the creatures eventually turned on their arrogant creators, and now our world is overrun by these monstrosities. The remnants of humanity's once sprawling civilization belong to them now. And those us that survived did so within the few remaining city-states that were able to stand against them."

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