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Card of the Week - Athena, Fleet Admiral

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

This week, we have our first piece of artwork for the Cybernetic Federation. Athena is the Federation's Admiral, so her card is themed around sending aircraft off into combat. Her warlord card is unique in that it features two [TRIGGER] abilities. The first ability allows you to deal 2 points of damage when you play your first fortification card each turn. And her second ability allows you to deal 1 point of damage when you destroy your first fortification card each turn. And just to clarify, the fortification you destroy can belong to any player.

Producing sufficient resources in a faction that's designed around fortifications can be pretty difficult. One of the main reasons for that is because fortifications cards in and of themselves don't grant you resources when you play them. So, Athena's playstyle gives you the flexibility to free up your resources for recruiting more powerful cards. This makes Athena a great choice in games where the availability of Fortification cards is limited.


Illustration by Agus SW


"Our city in the sky provided us with a uniquely privileged position. As the world below was ravaged by war, our lives went on relatively unaffected. But as the years passed by, it became increasingly clear that neutrality would eventually be our downfall. When there is nothing left of the surface to conquer, those in power will turn their eyes towards us. The time for us to choose a side is quickly approaching." - Athena Farron


We post new card images every Monday, so check back in next week for another sneak preview. Follow us on social media to be among the first to know about anything and everything related to Warlord Protocol!

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