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Card of the Week - Shadow Agent

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Welcome once again to another Monday card preview! This week, we have another infantry from the Legacy Militia for you to check out. The Shadow Agent happens to be one of our favorite common infantry cards in the game. It has a cheap recruitment cost, deals decent damage, and gives you an efficient way to remove basic cards from your deck. Its an all around great card that fits nicely into just about any build you can think of. You can play the Shadow Agent and more card's like it the Warlord Protocol Prototypes!


Illustration by Felix Hidayat


"Turns out Genesis created dossiers for each unlucky individual they converted into a voidborn. I know this cause I found my file a few years back, along with the records of every officer and soldier involved in that poor girl's death. Any day I get to cross a name of that list is a good one." - Shadow Agent


We post new card images every Monday, so check back in next week for another sneak preview. Follow us on social media to be among the first to know about anything and everything related to Warlord Protocol! All the best, CDour

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